At the Darling we are treasure hunters who get inspired by everyday life, people, stories and moments. We collect, curate, produce and design all kinds of treasures, and even more important, treasurable moments. With the Darling we want to spread a little kindness and create a Darling lifestyle where people are inspired to make a positive difference in everything that they do and that reminds people to see beauty and joy in the little things that (we think) count most in life.


Are you dreaming about having your own business but you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding affordable A- locations, finding the best treasures, create an online shop plus social media with many followers, finding a huge group of customers and an amazing team to work with?

Then we are looking for you! Darling Founder Nadine van der Zee is running The Darling successfully for 13 years and she feels the need to share her experience and knowledge with a younger generation. When she started The Darling at an age of 25, she missed guidance and support and she would love to help future entrepreneurs like you, with making their start less difficult and lonely. She’s looking for a person that can grow into the brand and take over her business when ready. It’s important you can totally identify yourself with the style of The Darling. And of-course you need to have the intention to take over a business that totally suits you, so you don’t have to start from zero.


* You are a true fashion & styling enthusiast and you can totally relate to the style of the brand. 

* You brighten up the day, our team and our stores with your love to create a positive vibe/the ultimate darling experience for our customers, both in our shop as online

* You are always being prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ in delivering service on time and to the highest standards.

* You love to challenge and develop yourself in many different ways and to get even more experienced with all the different facets in this field

* It’s your dream to become an entrepreneur and you see this possibility as a huge chance to realise that dream. It suits you perfectly to take over an already existing business under very friendly and supportive conditions, step-by-step and guided by somebody with a lot of experience.


* You’ll show up as someone with a high sense of responsibility, who loves to bring new ideas to the table and are known for your eager to learn new things and showing initiative.

* You are creative and full of inspiration, yet highly organised and skilled in managing a varied workload. You are someone who shows initiative, loves to tackle practicle matters and will make a positive contribution to our team with your solution-oriented way of thinking

* You have an obsession for details and are always striving for perfection

* You are self motivated, able to work as a comitted and confident teamplayer as well independently and have strong communication and organization skills

* You have excellent english communications skills and extended previous social media experience, preferably in the retail/fashion environment/ with premium brands in this market

* You have a background in creative eduction preferably entrepreneurship and experience in working in retail is a pre

* Experience with Photoshop, Indesign and WordPress is a pre.

* Available for 40 Hrs in a week, with the intention to take over the business for the next upcoming years


* Your job will consist out working in store, serving our lovely customers and in our office so you can get a full understanding of what a fashion

brand is all about

* Come up with creative ideas to upgrade the brand and create brand awareness both online and offline.

* You will learn how to manage an online store, how Customer Care works and the handling of the webshop orders.

* You will learn everything about buying and productional aspects at home and abroad

* Create, plan, edit and upload content on our social media platforms.

*You will learn everything about the financial part and administration and also skills which you need to manage a team


We offer a warm environment which is empowered by our progressive and positive mindset, where we encourage you to be the best version of yourself and empower you to develop your own unique style. We promote an honest and transparant atmosphere and strive to inspire meaningfull progress in everything we do. We are a young, authentic, ambitious and growing team, united by diversity.


From: immediately or as soon as possible

If you are interested, please contact us at nadine@thedarlingamsterdam.com 

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